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Our Story


Mariposa is a SQUARE ROOTS Restaurant,

where diverse cuisines connect with memorable experiences. In March 2020, we opened our first restaurant, 1922 ON THE SQUARE, at 10 N. Park Place. 1922 features exquisite food and a fine-dining experience, with a space that blends modern trends with the art deco glamor of the past. Three and half years later, we followed up with Mariposa right around the corner at 5 N. Third Street to offer authentic Mexican flavors in a festive atmosphere.


Though our roots will always be on the Square in downtown Newark, we pride ourselves on bringing big-city dining concepts and experiences to our local community.


Why Mariposa?

This image of famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo holding a string of mariposas — Spanish for butterflies — captures the soul of our restaurant. When Stephanie saw this image, it reminded her of some wisdom her late father would share any time her nerves got the better of her: “You can’t get rid of the butterflies in your stomach,” he would say, “so line them up.” The phrase so often shared through life events, became,—“line up the butterflies.” Her father, who passed away in 2022, always advocated for downtown Newark and was influential in the vision and revitalization of many aspects of the downtown area.

“You can’t get rid of the butterflies in your stomach, so line them up.”

Mariposas also symbolize the connections between Americans and Mexicans. Every year, millions of Monarch mariposas migrate from Mexico to the United States and Canada, breeding along the way. Much like these butterflies, Mariposa hopes to bring a small piece of Mexico to our collective backyard of Licking County.


As the summer turns to winter, the butterflies return to Mexico each year, seeking refuge in oyamel trees in the central part of the country. Among the locals, the mariposas are believed to be the souls of the departed, as they arrive around the Day of the Dead — an annual celebration honoring deceased loved ones. At Mariposa, we feel a deep connection to the memories of all the community members who are no longer with us. Ones who paved the way and had a vision. 


While you’re here at Mariposa, we welcome you to share a meal (or some wisdom) with each other, line up your butterflies, celebrate family, or simply enjoy some of the beautiful culture of Mexico with a taco or margarita.


¡Bienvenidos a Mariposa! (Welcome to Mariposa!)

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